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Welcome to Spanish Essential Courses! 

If you are interested in learning Spanish, you’re in the right place! Whether you would like to start studying Spanish, or you have a basic knowledge or you are already an expert in this language, in Spanish Essential Courses there’s a suitable option for you, since we have different courses depending on your level.

Spanish Essential Courses is an interactive visual training platform adapted to all levels, which will help you to learn Spanish from a practical approach.

With our method, teachers and tutors, you will lose the fear of using verbs such as «ser» and «estar«, pronouncing the letter «h» or making mistakes with the gender of nouns.

Sign up and you’ll have the change to do a placement test to know your level of Spanish. In addition, you’ll have free access to  learning materials on some interesting facts about the Spanish culture.

Learn at your own pace

Our courses are designed to be compatible with your daily life.

Personal tutor

A personal tutor will solve your questions and assist you throughout the course.

Enjoy learning

Our learning method is dynamic and set in real-life situations in order to be useful since the first lesson.

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  • El curso me enganchó desde el primer tema, no me lo esperaba.

    Mario StradaItalia
  • Me gustó mucho los ejemplos de casos reales y la ayuda de mi tutor.

    Abeey ErikssonUnited Kingdom
  • Los cursos son excelentes y mi tutor personal me ayudó en varios momentos en los que me encontraba atascada.

    Jaden BrandomUnited States